Hollywood Mom Blog recently caught up with Trista and Ryan Sutter (of The Bachelorette, Season 1) at their home while hosting a Healthy Baby Home Party and asked them a few questions about their own healthy babies, Max, 2 andBlakesley, 1.  They hosted a Healthy Baby Home Party to share their views on the importance of keeping a green home when you have young children and how to keep kids safe from toxic chemicals that are found in many common household products.

Ryan and Trista Sutter help their 2-year-old son Max “color” a letter to legislators showing their family’s support for Seventh Generation’s Million Baby Crawl campaign and the need for toxic chemical reform.

HMB: Do you have any plans to have your kids pursue acting or any kind of performing such as reality tv, commercials or movies?

Trista: As parents, we only want our kids to be happy. Neither Ryan nor myself are actors, but if our kids would like to pursue that career, we will be their biggest cheerleaders!

HMB: Would you ever consider doing a reality show in which your kids are featured?

Trista: We have had numerous requests to film a reality show about our family life over the years…including those that would feature our children, even their births. Although we never say never, we do not feel that having cameras in our home 24/7 would be the right decision for our family at the present time.

Bachelorette Season 1 alum, Trista & Ryan Sutter, recently hosted a Healthy Baby Home Party at her home in Colorado to educate family &  friends about keeping children safe from toxins in common household products.  

Event sponsor Seventh Generation gave away the Sutter family’s favorite green products during the party including disinfecting wipes and diapers. If you’d like to host your own Healthy Baby Home Party, please visit www.HealthyBabyHomeParty.com.