Occasionally I write guest posts for other websites, and this morning my article on career reinvention, “Passion for Growth,” is up on one of my favorite sites, Jen and Barb’s Mom Life.  Years ago the media continually pitted stay at home moms against mothers who worked outside the home. Today, I think we’ve grown to realize that we’re all in the same boat, regardless of where we physically work, we’re all “working moms.”  And I don’t need to tell you, Hollywood Moms and Momagers are some of the hardest working women around.

What I hope to convey in “Passion for Growth,” (other than a play by play of the last 15 years of my erratic employment), is the larger message to pursue your passion. I believe that this is key to creating the job that works for you financially and emotionally.  Please give the post a read today and in their comment section, share any advice you have on how we as women can best achieve this balance of work and family.


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