CEOs run the business world. Show business is a business; Therefore, Mom, you are the official Chief Executive Officer of your company, your family!

If you have a talented child actor and you decide to encourage them to follow their dream, then your role as CEO becomes even more important. You will be making both business and personal decisions that will affect your family’s journey into this business we call ‘show.’

I know moms who are very nervous about their children being in show business. All of you have read about famous show biz kids not living a normal life and ending up in trouble. The sensationalized stories take precedence over the kids who do lead normal lives, never get into trouble and remain in the business as adults. All my kids from my shows have made the right choices.

I am often asked why the kids I work with never get into trouble during the run of my shows or when a series ends. My answer? I train the parents! Parents, you need to know the show will end. Your child is not the family breadwinner. It is your responsibility to build a solid, normal foundation for your child.

Tia and Tamera Mowry of “Sister, Sister” and stars of their own reality show on the Style Network, had no preferential treatment growing up in front of the camera. I trained their mother to maintain a normal lifestyle: making their beds, vacuuming, taking out the trash, etc.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse, stars of the “Suite Life” franchise, were the first Disney Channel kids to attend college. One of my roles as an Executive Producer is to create a family-type environment on set.

Mom, it is your job as CEO to insure a normal life for your child.  Remember, success is not permanent!

Written by HMB Special Contributor Irene Dreayer, Creator of  The Dray Way and Executive Producer of the Suite Life Franchise, amongst many others.  Irene has developed and executive produced hit children’s television programs for more than 20 years.

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