Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Due to popular request, I am reposting this 11/9/2010 post on child actor Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

According to IMDB, Georgia Native Maggie Elizabeth Jones is the latest child actor to be cast in “We Bought a Zoo.” As HMB reported, Colin Ford was cast as Dylan Mee a few weeks ago.

While it’s unknown whether Maggie was cast through the open call process announced in an earlier post, it seems highly unlikely as both she and her older sister Mary-Charles Jones have a list of professional credits that far outnumber their years.

Maggie and Mary-Charles are currently cast as sisters Amy and Sara Warniker in the remake of “Footloose. According to their mother Angela: “Maggie and Mary-Charles are very excited about Footloose. They get to play sisters in the film and are cousins of the lead actor. Not only do they get to act they get to sing and dance too. Fun Fun!!”

Mary-Charles also has a recurring role as the young Miley Stewart on the hit Disney show Hannah Montana. She’s featured in two episodes (“Hannah Montana to the Principal’s Office” & “Sweet Home Hannah Montana”).

The girls, who come from a devoutly Christian family in Georgia, are both represented by Cindy Osbrink and J Pervis Talent Agency in Atlanta, GA.

Below is a Public Service Announcement Maggie did for Anger Prevention and Awareness.

Thanks to HMB Reader Sherry for the heads up on the casting. Confirming Sources: IMDB Pro, AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ)



Maggie Elizabeth and big sister Mary Charles at the premiere of “Footloose.”