Denise Jonas, mother of the world famous Jonas Brothers musical trio and youngest son Frankie, is a momager who has been on the HMB radar for quite sometime. Thanks to an in-depth interview in the July issue of Good Housekeeping – we’ve learned even more about her.  Of all the momagers in Hollywood, why focus on Denise? Because not only is she a great role model as a Hollywood Mom, but she’s a great role model as a parent, period.

The Jonas’ parenting philosophy is family-friendly and straight forward.  Denise doesn’t sweat the small stuff and never dwells on the negatives aspects of having children in show business.  She also readily admits that it was third son Nick who was blessed with the most obvious god-given talents of voice and music at an early age.  They helped him pursue his goals as an individual and felt strongly that in celebrating his personal gifts that each of the children would find their best place, and indeed they have.

Some high lights & fun facts from the Good Housekeeping article:

  • Patriarch Kevin Jonas Sr. was a musical prodigy himself, performing professionally at age 7.
  • Kevin and Denise met the first day of school at Christ of the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.
  • Kevin proposed to Denise 6 months after they met and married on August 15, 1985 when they were both only 18 years old.
  • When first born Kevin Jr. was just a baby, the family was living on food stamps while Kevin Sr. struggled to forge a career in the music business.
  • Denise instilled manners in the boys early on.  “To me, there’s nothing more frustrating than being around a child who’s annoying. We taught our kids proper manners [sic] reinforcing good conduct until it was behavior. Because they’re going to be adults a lot longer than they’re children.”

To continue reading more and for a short Jonas video go to Good Housekeeping.


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