DATE: Saturday – February 27, 2010
CHECK-IN TIME: 9:00am to 12:00pm
LOCATION: DoubleTree Miami Mart Airport Hotel
ADDRESS:  711 NW 72nd Ave / Miami, FL 33126

SEEKING:  Talent 12 to 18 years / Boys & Girls – All Ethnicities (No previous experience necessary)
** No talent under 12 or over 18 will be seen – no exceptions **

* All talent under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult – no exceptions.
* We will make best efforts to see all talent that has checked-in by 12:00pm.
* Audition wait time may be several hours.

Information from Nick Casting on Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is the Austin Open Call? A: It’s been postponed temporarily. More info soon.

Q:  What should I bring to the open call?
A:  1 photo (snapshot ok). Please include all of your contact information on the back of your picture. *This photo will not be returned.

Q:  What should I wear?
A:  Dress casual.

Q:  What if I am over 18 but can play 12 to 18 years?
A:  We are not seeing anyone over 18 years.

Q:  What if I am under 12 but can play 12 to 18 years?
A:  We are not seeing anyone under 12 years.

Q:  If I am under 18 and don’t have an adult to bring me can I still come?
A:  Sorry, you MUST be accompanied by an adult – no exceptions.

Q:  What audition material should I prepare for this casting call?
A:  We will give you audition materials (a brief comedy scene) at the open call.

Q:  What is Nickelodeon looking for?
A:  Funny, confident talent – all types & ethnicities!

Q:  If there are a lot of people, will I still get to audition if I’m at the back of the line?
A:  Check-in will be between 9:00am-12:00pm. We will make best efforts to see all talent that has been checked in.  Audition wait time may be several hours. In the event that the turnout for the event exceeds the amount of people we are able to see in one day, you may be notified by an official Nickelodeon crew member that you will need to return the next day to be seen. If this occurs you will be given a wristband and official paperwork confirming that you were on line by noon on Saturday and have been requested to return.

Q:  What show is this for?
A:  This is a general casting call for Nickelodeon – we are seeking new faces for future projects.

Q:  What happens next?
A:  If you are right for one of our upcoming projects we will contact you.

Q:  Who will be in the audition room?
A:  A casting representative from Nickelodeon Casting.

Q:  Does it cost money to audition?
A:  No, this is a free event to audition for Nickelodeon.

Q:  Will there be parking?
A:  Yes there is parking.  Space may be limited. There is a flat fee for all day parking.

Q:  Should I bring a CD or DVD of work I have done or recorded?
A:  No, just a picture and contact information.

Q:  Does this audition guarantee me work on Nickelodeon?
A:  No.

Q:  Do I need to pre-register to audition?
A:  No, you do not need to pre-register. Check-in is upon arrival.

Q:  Will I need to fill out any forms to audition?
A:  Yes, we will hand out Information Forms to be filled out