Not many people hold the title of both child actor and celebrity offspring simultaneously; even fewer hold those titles and transition successfully to television stardom by early adulthood.  This makes Hayden Panettiere a rare breed indeed.  According to a recent interview with “In Style” Magazine, one time child actor and now star of  the hit sci-fi series “Heroes,” on NBC, Hayden shares that she’d like to have as many as four children of her own someday;  however,  contrary to her own upbringing,  she will not allow her kids to go the show biz route.


The 19-year-old “Heroes” star,  daughter of former soap opera actress Lesley Vogel, shares  “I always said I want four kids – I love kids.  I would love to be a [mother] and to have a family – for Italians, [a family is] the most important thing you can have.”

But in regards to being a child star, Hayden adds, “I think you have to be a pretty strong person to enter the industry that young and not be affected by it.  I was lucky, but I’d never want my kids to be subject to that much criticism at such a young age.” Read more about Hayden in the current issue of  “In Style.”