Child Star Kiernan Shipka Graces Grazia Magazine. Readers Ask, “Is Her Look too Mature for 12?”

She plays impeccably-groomed, wise beyond her years youngster Sally Draper on the hit television series, Mad Men, and some of Draper’s fashion joie de vivre has had an obvious effect on Child Star Keirnan Shipka. Dressed impeccably on every red carpet, the 12 year old Chicago-native admits to being fashion-influenced by her show, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelley and the show Gossip Girl. She will no doubt be giving teen actor fashion champs Choloe Moretz, Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld a run for their money in a few short years to come.

When Shipka was recently featured in the European magazine Grazia (Highstreet Edition) the internet was abuzz with talk that it showcased a too-mature looking 12 year old. I disagree. This is a child whom has always courted fashion, holds herself with grace and dignity and looks absolutely lovely in Grazia’s photos. Her favorite designers are Chanel and Burberry for crying out loud. There is nothing risque about either picture, and anyone saying as much is out of touch with today’s more sophisticated youth. It’s a fashion spread and that’s always going to call for a more “mature” look than say an editorial piece about an afternoon she spent at Chuck E. Cheese. Just remember, Kiernan doesn’t dress like this when she goes to set school (I hope.)

When asked Shipka last fall about winning her role on MadMen she admitted, “It was a really basic process.  I saw a small description for a recurring character, I had 3 auditions, and then I got the call that the role was mine.  All I remember is screaming in the car.  It wasn’t my first role, but it was the first one with a chance for recurring scenes.”

In term’s of her character Sally Draper’s style Shipka says:Sally’s style has pretty much stayed in the same theme, girly & preppy, throughout the whole show.  But as she gets older, her style is becoming more mature.  The wardrobe department spends a lot of time focusing on popular ‘60s trends for Sally, especially in the last few seasons.”

Her favorite red carpet ensemble thus far: The gold & metallic Balenciaga dress. “I loved the look and I felt really confident.”

And for the big question, has the show influenced her fashion choices? “Yes, they really do inspire my everyday style. A couple of my dresses that I wear a lot are very Sally, with puckered waists that flare out at the bottom.  I also really love petticoats.  Basically, I adore the whole 1960s style. [MadMen] has already affected my style now, and I know it always will.  On the set, I pass through the racks and racks of vintage garments, from gowns to the handmade pajamas. I get to see the behind-the-scenes of fashion, which has a huge impact on the way I dress.

The young actress’s guilty fashion pleasure? “I am constantly on”

Below is a photographic stroll through Keirnan’s first 12 years of couture: