I espouse the philosophy that as Momagers, the entertainment business needs to be all about our kids and their experiences whether they’re stars, working actors or newbies just getting started in the business.   However, as a business person, brand advocate and a full-fledged marketing addict, I’m throwing that philosophy completely aside for the day.

If you ever visited (now defunct), the clothing brand I founded in 2005, you’ve likelyread that the Crib Rock boys line “Legends” was featured in the Warner Brother’s comedy, “The Hangover,lovingly described by one critic as “Three Men and a Baby on Crack.”


According to the early buzz, this buddy flick promises to be the comedy hit of summer 2009.   And as if it wasn’t amazing enough to have the baby/child star wearing a Crib Rock design throughout an entire major motion picture (a first for me as a Brand Placement guru and for Crib Rock as a brand) today I just experienced yet another *first.*  Crib Rock’s Big Foot onesie/baby snappie made the filpping one sheet – THE MOVIE POSTER, THE BILLBOARDS, the whole shebang.   So please excuse me  just for today (and the entire day June 5 when the movie opens) while this momager relishes in her Hollywood Moment too.  So yeah, my husband worked on this film too and yes, my daughter became SAG eligible and had her first *Studio Movie* screen time with “The Hangover” as Flower Girl #1, but just for a moment, couldn’t this be about ME?baby-carlos

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