Hollywood Mom Blog recently asked professional Hollywood Mom Kerri Moseley Hobbs (mother of child actor Anthony Hobbs) to share her TOP 5 TIPS on becoming a Successful Hollywood Mom.  She kindly obliged.

Kerri: Top Five, lets see:

(1) Learn business, consider going to buy some college level business course textbooks. The entire framework is the same even in this industry.

(2) Read everything. Actually click those links on Hollywood Mom Blog, Backstage, CastingNetworks, Bonnie Gillespie, Marci Liroff, Rex Sikes, all of those free and valuable resources. They are amazing!

(3) Enjoy the experience with your kids. Don’t focus on the audition and the pressure; focus on the adventure of it all. Anthony and I have so many videos and pictures of us having a good time and in about half of the pictures we wonder, “Which audition was that?” [But it] doesn’t matter, it was fun!

(4) Mom and Momager are two different people; create the split personality.

(5) All those hestitations and reservations you’ve learned from living and becoming an adult don’t apply here.   Anything is possible, let your child dream, pursue, and light up when they achieve.

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